Montana Area Code, United States

Find the real owner of someone with a 406 Montana area code


Montana became a US state in 1889 after the ratification of its state constitution. Although the state has just over a million residents, there are over 1.7 million phone numbers registered to residents. Information on the registered owners of these phone numbers is available on the Montana phone numbers database

Before the Montana phone numbers database moved online, information on the registered owners of a number used to be in big books called white pages. These books contained the names, addresses, and phone numbers of the people and businesses in a small town or city block. However, the books are not always comprehensive, as the number of persons with phone numbers grew.

Besides, public white pages at local phone booths and convenience stores were often torn or defaced. So, households typically obtained a personal copy, albeit pricey. However, this means getting newer versions as phone companies updated white pages.

Moving phone number listings online helped broaden public access to accurate information. Also, you need not hand trace phone numbers again since you can perform a reverse phone lookup by entering the digits on the Montana phone numbers database. The reverse phone search is largely accurate because phone numbers are always unique to their registered owners. 

Take the typical Montana phone number, 406-NXX-XXXX. The first set of digits, 406, the area code, is unique to the caller’s general location. However, this won’t tell you much because the whole of Montana uses one area code. The next set of digits, NXX, prefix code, is more useful. It specifies the particular street where the phone number owner resides. Finally, the last set of digits, XXXX, is the line number, which is unique to a specific owner. So, if a Montana phone number were to be a house address, the line number would be a specific flat number or house number. 

As you most likely know, Montana phone numbers share the same area code, and several phone numbers can have the same prefix code. However, a line number is always unique to a specific person or business. No two individuals can have the same line number—although you may find out that several persons have owned the same number in the past. A reverse phone lookup will turn up the names and addresses of these persons.

CountyFIPS codeCounty seatEstablishedPopulationArea
Beaverhead County001 Dillon 1865 9,371 5,543 sq mi
Big Horn County003 Hardin 1913 13,1244,995 sq mi
Blaine County005 Chinook 1912 7,0444,226 sq mi
Broadwater County007 Townsend 1897 6,7741,192 sq mi
Carbon County009 Red Lodge1895 10,4732,048 sq mi
Carter County011 Ekalaka 1917 1,4153,340 sq mi
Cascade County013 Great Falls 1887 84,4142,698 sq mi
Chouteau County015 Fort Benton 1865 5,8953,973 sq mi
Custer County017 Miles City1865 11,8673,783 sq mi
Daniels County019 Scobey1920 1,6611,426 sq mi
Dawson County021 Glendive1869 8,9402,373 sq mi
Deer Lodge County023 Anaconda 1865 9,421737 sq mi
Fallon County025 Baker 1913 3,0491,620 sq mi
Fergus County027 Lewistown1885 11,4464,339 sq mi
Flathead County029 Kalispell 1893 104,3575,099 sq mi
Gallatin County031 Bozeman1865 118,9602,507 sq mi
Garfield County033 Jordan1919 1,1734,668 sq mi
Glacier County035 Cut Bank1919 13,7782,995 sq mi
Golden Valley County037 Ryegate 1920 8231,175 sq mi
Granite County039 Philipsburg 1893 3,3091,728 sq mi
Hill County041 Havre1912 16,3092,896 sq mi
Jefferson County043 Boulder1865 12,0851,657 sq mi
Judith Basin County045 Stanford1920 2,0231,870 sq mi
Lake County047 Polson 1923 31,1341,494 sq mi
Lewis and Clark County049 Helena1865 70,9733,461 sq mi
Liberty County051 Chester1920 1,9591,430 sq mi
Lincoln County053 Libby1909 19,6773,613 sq mi
McCone County055 Circle1919 1,729
2,643 sq mi
Madison County057 Virginia City1865 8,6233,587 sq mi
Meagher County059 White Sulphur Springs1867 1,9272,392 sq mi
Mineral County061 Superior 1914 4,5351,220 sq mi
Missoula County063 Missoula1865 117,9222,598 sq mi
Musselshell County065 Roundup 1911 4,7301,867 sq mi
Park County067 Livingston 1887 17,1912,656 sq mi
Petroleum County069 Winnett 1924 4961,654 sq mi
Phillips County071 Malta1915 4,2175,140 sq mi
Pondera County073 Conrad 19195,8981,625 sq mi
Powder River County075 Broadus 1919 1,6943,297 sq mi
Powell County077 Deer Lodge1901 6,9462,326 sq mi
Prairie County079 Terry 1915 1,0881,737 sq mi
Ravalli County081 Hamilton1893 44,1742,394 sq mi
Richland County083 Sidney 1914 11,4912,084 sq mi
Roosevelt County085 Wolf Point 1919 10,7942,356 sq mi
Rosebud County087 Forsyth 1901 8,3295,012 sq mi
Sanders County089 Thompson Falls 1905 12,4002,762 sq mi
Sheridan County091 Plentywood1913 3,5391,677 sq mi
Silver Bow County093 Butte 1881 35,133718 sq mi
Stillwater County095 Columbus 1913 8,9631,795 sq mi
Sweet Grass County097 Big Timber 1895 3,6781,855 sq mi
Teton County099 Choteau 1893 6,2262,273 sq mi
Toole County101 Shelby 1914 4,9711,911 sq mi
Treasure County103 Hysham 1919 762979 sq mi
Valley County105 Glasgow 1893 7,5784,921 sq mi
Wheatland County107 Harlowton 1917 2,0691,423 sq mi
Wibaux County109 Wibaux 1914 937889 sq mi
Yellowstone County111 Billings 1883 164,7312,635 sq mi