Montana Government

The Montana Government is the state government of the state. It is organized into three branches: executive, legislative, and judicial. The Montana Constitution establishes the framework for the Montana Government.

montana government

The executive branch is headed by the Governor of Montana, who is elected every four years. The state government provides many services to the citizens of Montana, including education, health care, public safety, and transportation.

The Montana Legislature consists of the Senate and the House of Representatives. The Senate is made up of 50 senators, while the House of Representatives consists of 100 representatives. Senators and representatives are elected to four-year terms. The Legislature meets in Helena, Montana’s capital city.

The Montana Judiciary is headed by the Supreme Court, which is the state’s highest court. The Judiciary is responsible for interpreting the laws of Montana. The Montana Supreme Court consists of seven justices who are elected to eight-year terms. The Montana Judiciary also includes the District Courts, which are trial courts that hear criminal and civil cases.

The Government is committed to providing the best possible services to the citizens of Montana. If you have any questions about the Montana Government, or if you need assistance with any state services, please do not hesitate to the state government. We are here to serve you and make Montana a great place to live!

Government of Montana State

Official Name: Montana

Governor: Greg Gianforte

Contact: Contact the governor

Main Address: PO Box 200801
Helena, MT, 59620-0801

Phone Number: 406-444-3111

Toll Free: 855-318-1330

Montana State Agencies

Attorney General

Consumer Protection Offices

Corrections Department

Education Department

Emergency Management Agency

Election Office

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